5 images that’ll make you want to drop everything and road trip through Australia

Sydney-based landscape photographer, Adam Weekes, shares a few of his favourite pictures captured from around Australia. 

1. Sunrise at Ross Jones Memorial Pool, Coogee, NSW

Coogee 1 Web File

“The Ross Jones Memorial Pool at Coogee is one of my favourite baths around Sydney. The cool bath walls create some fascinating leading lines for photos. There wasn’ t much happening in the sky on this particular morning, so the dreamy water flow adds some foreground interest.”

2. Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls 1 Web File

“We ventured to Horsehoe Falls after days of heavy rain and witnessed these awesome falls in all their glory. Credit to Tasmania’s Parks and Recreation Department, the paths and walking tracks are all so well kept, making places like this very accessible for everyone.”

3. The Bay of Fires, Binalong Bay, Tasmania

Binalong Bay Web File

“We were treated to the most amazing sunrise on our last day at Binalong Bay. The picture includes the famous Binalong Bay tree, which has been photographed a thousand times.”

4. Narrabeen, Northern Sydney, NSW

Narrabeen 1 Web File

“The ocean pool at Narrabeen is another iconic Sydney photography location. It always seems so peaceful here. On this particular morning, I was treated to a stunning, almost smoky sunrise. Such a beautiful place!”

5. North Curl Curl

North Curl Curl 1 Web File.jpg“The ocean pool at North Curl Curl is definitely one of my favourite places to photograph. Every time I go here, I’m treated to a different scene. And every time, it’s beautiful.”

Copyright 2018 Adam Weekes Photography, all rights reserved.

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