The Ultimate Guide: Wellington On A Plate’s Vege Options

By Hannah and Sam Bennett

Warning: reading this will make you extremely hungry.

Every year Wellingtonians celebrate their love of interesting and delicious, well-priced food with the winter festival Wellington On A Plate (WOAP).

WOAP is a region-wide feasting spree, where restaurants all over the city (and further afield) show off their flair for invention and innovation with carefully curated limited-time-only offerings.

It can be overwhelming trying to choose from so many amazing options, and the brochure really is jam-packed – in 2018 there are will be more than 100 restaurants participating in Dine Wellington, as well as a dizzying range of special one-time-only events.

And that’s not even mentioning the 60+ bars around town competing for Wellington’s best signature cocktail, or the over 150 – yes ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY – mouthwatering burgers that will be available.

Screenshot 2018-08-01 21.32.48.png
Seize Festival Dish: Unicorn Beet Risotto

Read more about the best vegan bacon in Wellington here.

Even the most devoted carnivore will be tempted by the vege and vegan options available this year. We believe that plant-based eating is for everyone, (even if it’s not all the time) so what better time to try out an awesome new way of eating than during the biggest culinary celebration Wellington has to offer.

To help you take the plunge, we’ve put together a handy spreadsheet of all of the vegetarian and vegan burgers and dishes that will be on offer around town this year.

Just click the tables below to enlarge.

Screenshot 2018-08-01 21.14.57.png


What you need to know:

  • The Visa Wellington On A Plate takes place in – you guessed it – Wellington, New Zealand each winter.
  • The dates for WOAP this year are 10-26 August 2018.
  • WOAP has four main categories:
    • Dine Wellington – Festival Dishes and set menus, usually with a wine- or beer-match available.
    • Burger Wellington – this one is self-explanatory; just really, really good burgers.
    • Cocktail Wellington – bars and restaurants around town create their signature cocktail.
    • Festival Events – ticketed events where you can try extravagant options such as exciting takes on high tea and degustations, dinner-with-a-show, or even lessons from Wellington’s top chefs!

You can look through the full list of events, meals, burgers and cocktails here:

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